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Redstone Manufacturing has CNC machine shops located in China, Mexico, India, Taiwan, and Brazil and headquarters in the U.S.A. We help companies get better CNC machining service rates without sacrificing quality. Through extensive vetting and years of experience working with international suppliers, we have built the best manufacturing facilities which can handle high-volume orders and complexities of intricate parts.

CNC Machining Applications

CNC machining is used in prototyping, from aerospace to military and even the medical world. This process is unique in that it can be used in conjunction with other manufacturing processes, as a direct and even indirect process. CNC machining is affordable, offers a wide variety of materials, and has quick turnaround times, all qualities that make it a desirable option for part production.

Common Products &
Use Cases of CNC Machining

  • Airplane engines
  • Surgical tools
  • Gardening tools
  • Car frames
  • Mining equipment
  • Ventilator parts
  • Wooden parts 
  • Aerospace parts

CNC Machining vs. Injection Molding

CNC machining and Injection molding offer different benefits, and the final choice will depend on things like material selection, scale, and speed of production.

CNC Machining Services

  • Uses CAD file for production
  • Allows for cheaper design iteration 
  • Rapid part production (not as fast as injection molding)
  • Cheaper for smaller quantity runs
  • Best for harder plastics 
  • Larger variety of materials available
  • Allows for tighter tolerance and surface finishing

Injection Molding Services

  • Uses custom mold (requires additional lead time and cost)
  • Expensive to redesign (requires the creation of new mold)
  • Fastest part production
  • Cheaper cost per part with high quantity runs 
  • Ideal for producing parts made from softer plastics
  • Rubber and flexible materials can use this method


This depends on many factors. Simple, less complex parts with smaller quantities will have a shorter lead time. We offer a 3-5 week lead time.

Our manufacturing facilities have both milling and lathe machines. Both machines start with a block of the material then they remove material until each part reaches the desired specifications. In a lathe machine, the worked material spins while the cutting tool remains stationary. This machine is ideal for producing symmetrical cylindrical components. Milling machines work in the exact opposite way. The workpiece remains stationary while the milling cutting tool removes the necessary material. 

CNC machining is more accessible than most people think. Advances in technology have helped reduce the cost. The overall cost will depend on the desired material and part specifications. CNC turning tends to be cheaper than milling, but a multi-axis machined part can be more expensive. 

CNC machining is an efficient production process. While it still requires people to operate the machinery and replace dull cutting tools, a computer is mostly in control. This allows all of the major operations to be automated, which increases speed, overall quality, and accuracy.


Redstone’s Manufacturing’s CNC machining services can utilize three different material types – steel alloys, aluminum, and plastics.


Steel alloys are valued for their strength, durability, resistance to high temperatures, and corrosion. What makes this metal so valuable is the addition of alloying elements. A part’s application and desired shelf life will help determine what amounts of additional alloys are required.

aluminum die cast


Aluminum is one of the most commonly machined metals in the manufacturing sector because of its diverse mechanical properties. It is affordable, lightweight yet strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to shape, making it a popular choice in the aerospace, medical, and military sectors.


High-quality plastic parts are cheap, durable, and lightweight compared to their metal predecessors. Their increase in popularity across countless industries comes from their lower manufacturing costs. 

We were looking for a manufacturing expert in China and Redstone was able to provide complex components and assemblies quickly and with impeccable quality. We value our relationship with Redstone and view them as an extension of our own company.
Redstone Manufacturing produces metal injection molded steel parts for us. These are high-precision components with a tolerance less than half a thousandth of an inch. Redstone is a bankable supplier; they deliver quality parts on time.”

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