Finding quality MANUFACTURERS


Finding quality manufacturers in China, Mexico, India, Taiwan, and Brazil can be complicated. We’ve sifted through dozens of machine shops to compile network of ISO 9001 certified and trusted vendors. Here’s a look at some of the key elements from our manufacturer verification checklist.

Manufacturer Verification &
Due Diligence

  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Business license verification
  • Annual production volume
  • Import records from US Customs
  • In-person factory inspection
  • Track record with Redstone Manufacturing
Redstone Manufacturing - Metal Casting and Machining

Compare Quotes from

Leading Manufacturers

Redstone will provide you with quotes from our partner manufacturers China, Mexico, India, Taiwan, and Brazil at no cost to you in just a few days. We have a broad network and solid relationships with our partner manufacturers who are eager to provide quotes and bid on your project. Compare quotes throughout our Global Manufacturing Network™ to find the right partner with the lowest delivered cost— tariffs included. Our team of experts and engineers on the ground reduce the headaches and risk involved with working in a new country. We are here to make your job easier.

Send us your PDF drawings and STP/STEP/DXF files to get started. We will remove all identifying information from your PDF drawings to protect your IP.

Redstone Manufacturing - Metal Casting and Machining
our network of suppliers


The suppliers in our network have been making parts for us for years now. Over the years we filtered out the poor vendors based on our experience with them, leaving us with only the best providers. We leverage our order volume to get preferential service from these vendors and pass this along to our customers.

Redstone’s global price comparison

Avoid the China Tariffs

Redstone’s Global Price Comparison™ looks at the total delivered cost (tariffs included) among multiple countries to find the best value for our customers. We still quote parts in China, but we also get pricing from other countries as well. Metal casting and machining in Mexico, India, and Brazil enable our customers to avoid the tariffs entirely and save money, providing a safe and reliable alternative to the Section 301 China tariffs.


Our partners provide quotes form India, Mexico, Brazil, and China


We evaluate your HTS code classification to see if a low tariff rate can be used

Delivered Cost

We calculate the total delivered cost including tooling, freight and tariffs.

Find Price

The lowest total delivered cost is send to the customer.