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Finding a reliable, cost-effective plastic injection molding company in the U.S. just got easier. Redstone Manufacturing is headquartered in the U.S. and has manufacturing facilities in China, Mexico, India, Taiwan, and Brazil. Our plastic injection molding services come with the quality and consistency of a U.S.-based company matched with the cost savings of an overseas manufacturer.

Plastic Injection
Molding Applications

Plastic injection molding is used to create a high volume of plastic parts in a cost-effective and fast way. It’s used across countless industries to manufacture commercial products including electrical boxes, mop heads, high-end trash and recycling receptacles, vending machine components, and equipment housings. Consumer goods ranging from storage racks, barbecue accessories, bird Feeders, tackle boxes, and toilet seats. Plastic Injection Molding Services are also commonly used in the construction industry, home goods industry, and the food services industry.

Common Products Created From Plastic Injection Molding

  • Packaging
  • Components
  • Toys
  • Gears
  • Food & Beverage Containers
  • Wood-plastic composites
  • Household Items
  • Automotive parts


Granules of plastic material are fed into a heated barrel for melting. Once melted, the plastic is injected into a mold and then allowed to cool. When the part has solidified, the form opens, and the part is ejected. 

Originally, 3D printing and plastic injection molding were viewed as competing technologies, but factors such as run volume, part complexity, and material all factor into determining which method is best for a particular part. While 3D printing offers convenience and speed, injection molding is still the champion of combining quality with value. Injection molding is prized for creating high-volume, complex parts. 3D printing is a better option for lower production runs, quick turnaround times, and designs with frequent changes.

Polycarbonate is the strongest plastic material. It is 200 times stronger than glass and is used in buildings because of its impact and temperature resistant qualities.

Some of the most popular types of plastic molding are injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, and thermoforming. 

Plastic Injection Molding SOLUTIONS

Injection Molding

ABS is a thermoplastic polymer that can be heated to its melting point multiple times without degrading. It has a strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and physical impact.

Injection Molding

HDPE is one of the most versatile plastics in existence. It’s prized for its impeccable tensile strength, high melting point, and high strength-to-density ratio.

Injection Molding

LDPE is soft, lightweight plastic. It is easy to form but has little structural strength and low tolerance to temperature.

Injection Molding

PE is one of the most widely used plastics. Its popularity comes from its strength to weight ratio, is considered a food-safe plastic, and has good insulation properties. 

Injection Molding

PEEK is a high-performance plastic that is chemical resistant and offers dimensional stability. It also has the unique ability to maintain stiffness at temperatures exceeding 300°F.

Injection Molding

POM has high rigidity, mechanical strength, and resistance to wear, which makes it a good option to produce precision parts with high lubricity.

Injection Molding

PP is known for its high chemical & fatigue resistance and toughness. It’s commonly used for electric components because of its high electrical resistance. 

Other Options

Other Options – don’t see what you need here? We have countless other options. Contact us to see if we offer the plastic polymer for your injection molding needs.

We were looking for a manufacturing expert in China and Redstone was able to provide complex components and assemblies quickly and with impeccable quality. We value our relationship with Redstone and view them as an extension of our own company.
Redstone Manufacturing produces metal injection molded steel parts for us. These are high-precision components with a tolerance less than half a thousandth of an inch. Redstone is a bankable supplier; they deliver quality parts on time.”

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Plastic Injection

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