Q355 Equivalent

Q355 Steel | Equivalent Materials & Metal Specifications

Q355 Overview

Q355 steel is a low alloy, high-strength steel that is used in welded structures supporting stress and heavy loads. The Q references the yield point, while the number 355 indicates its yield strength. It also replaced Q345.

Q355 Equivalent Materials

Q355 can be replaced with equivalent materials, including A572 Grade 50 USA ASTM, Q355 China GB/T, and SPFC 590 Vietnam/Japanese JIS.

Characteristics of Q355

Q355 steel is a structural steel with a yield strength of 345 MPa and tensile strength of 450 MPa. It has terrific processing performance and compressive strength, which can be used to manufacture high-pressure gas pressure vessels containing less than 500 liters. Q355 also has a protective layer of rust resistance.

In addition to performance, Q355 has particular elements that prevent atmospheric corrosion. Since it is mild steel, it has a lower carbon content. If more carbon were added to the alloy, it would be reclassified as a cast iron.

Q355 is a newer Chinese steel grade that was designed to replace Q345. Its material density is 7.85 g/cm3 and possesses three quality levels, including Q355B, Q355C, and Q355D. It has great mechanical and hot and cold process properties. In contrast, it has better and more improved mechanical properties when compared to A36 ASTM steel.

Uses of Q355

Q355 steel has excellent mechanical properties, great weldability, and ample corrosion resistance. It can be utilized to manufacture and produce petroleum storage tanks, high-pressure vessels, boilers, ships, power stations, and many other high-load structural parts. Q355 is also widely used to make shipping containers, waste storage containers, weather containers, offshore containers, workshop containers, and toolboxes.

If you need steel that is created to stand up to the needs of construction and engineering components that provide excellent weldability and toughness, then Q355 may be a strong contender for your next project or job.

Q355 Physical Properties

Physical PropertiesMetricUS/Imperial
Density7.80 g/cc0.282 lb/in³

Q355 Mechanical Properties

Mechanical PropertiesMetricUS/Imperial
Hardness, Brinell135135
Hardness, Rockwell B7474
Tensile Strength, Ultimate450 MPa
Tensile Strength, Yield345 MPa
Elongation at Break18 %18 %
21 %21 %
Bulk Modulus160 GPa23200 ksi
Shear Modulus80.0 GPa11600 ksi

Q355 Component Elements Properties

Component Elements PropertiesMetricUS/Imperial
Carbon, C<= 0.23 %<= 0.23 %
Iron, Fe98 %98 %
Manganese, Mn1.35 %1.35 %
Phosphorus, P<= 0.040 %<= 0.040 %
Silicon, Si<= 0.40 %<= 0.40 %
Sulfur, S<= 0.050 %<= 0.050 %
Silicon, Si0.15 – 0.40 %0.15 – 0.40 %
Sulfur, S0.050 %0.050 %

*Redstone Manufacturing does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained within the above table. Some metrics have been rounded, converted, or estimated. Consult a qualified engineer to confirm the accuracy of the information contained on this webpage.

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