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Plastic injection molded parts can form a wide array of complex shapes with ease. Molded parts typically perform better than CNC machined version of the same part using the same material. Choosing the right resins allow for chemical/solvent compatibility and corrosion resistance.

In Vietnam, the auto industry comprises much of the plastic injection molding. There is also a broad supply network for a variety of other industries that export to Europe and Asia. Vietnam is a leading exporter of tooling/molds for plastic injection molding manufacturers across the world where labor rates are high.

Redstone Manufacturing - Metal Casting and Machining
Redstone Manufacturing - Metal Casting and Machining
Redstone Manufacturing - Metal Casting and Machining
Redstone Manufacturing - Metal Casting and Machining

Redstone Partner Capabilities for Plastic Injection Molding in Vietnam

Plastic injection molding is a very cost-effective method for producing plastic parts at high volumes. Many of the top injection molding companies in Vietnam are owned by Japanese firms. The Japanese influence helps ensure quality control processes are in place and followed.

SIZES AVAILABLE20 grams to 10 kg
TOLERANCE+/- 0.008″ (0.203 mm)
LEAD TIME8-12 weeks
Redstone Manufacturing - Metal Casting and Machining

What is
Plastic Injection Molding?

Injection molding is one of the most widely used methods for manufacturing with plastics thanks to its low cost, repeatability, and high-precision. Injection molding also has a higher variety of colors and plastic material types when compared to CNC machining or 3D printing.

Injection molding machines utilize high pressure and temperature to melt and form plastic. The pelletized raw plastic is feed-stock is melted in the injection machine and then injected into the  steel mold. The plastic part cools and solidifies into the final part within a matter of seconds.

The main steps in injection molding are:

  1. Clamping:  The steel mold is closed shut.
  2. Injection: Material is fed into the machine and melted by heat and pressure. The melted plastic is then injected into the mold — this is called the “shot.”
  3. Cooling: Plastic cools and solidifies into the intended form.
  4. Ejection: The part is ejected from the mold after it cools.
We were looking for a manufacturing expert in China and Redstone was able to provide complex components and assemblies quickly and with impeccable quality. We value our relationship with Redstone and view them as an extension of our own company.
CEO of Teacherlock
Redstone Manufacturing produces metal injection molded steel parts for us. These are high-precision components with a tolerance less than half a thousandth of an inch. Redstone is a bankable supplier; they deliver quality parts on time.”
Redstone Manufacturing - Metal Casting and Machining
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