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Metal injection molding in India is a perfect process for creating small, high strength, and complex metal components at high volumes. Metal injection molding can be employed across a wide range of components, but the best applications are typically small in size and less than 100 grams in weight. MIM parts can be used in various kinds of products, including locks, medical devices, military applications, electronics, etc.

Redstone Manufacturing - Metal Casting and Machining
Redstone Manufacturing - Metal Casting and Machining
Redstone Manufacturing - Metal Casting and Machining
Redstone Manufacturing - Metal Casting and Machining

Redstone Partner Capabilities for Metal Injection Molding in India

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a sophisticated metal forming process. By sintering pelletized metal at high temperatures, intricate parts can be shaped in a single operation at high production volumes.

SIZES AVAILABLE1 to 200 grams
MATERIALS AVAILABLELow alloy steel, stainless steel
TOLERANCE+/- 0.005″ (0.127 mm)
LEAD TIME10-14 weeks
SURFACE FINISHES AVAILABLEPowder Coating, Metal Plating, Black Oxide
Redstone Manufacturing - Metal Casting and Machining

What is Metal
Injection Molding?

Metal injection molding uses a pelletized metal feedstock at high pressure and temperatures to form complex shapes that would normally be considered cost prohibitive. MIM is capable of producing features that cannot be achieved by investment casting, such as small holes, thin walls, and fine surface detail. Additionally, MIM parts have better strength, magnetic, and corrosion properties due to high density achieved when compared to conventional powdered metal, plastics and die casting. The process is sometimes referred to as Powdered Injection Molding (PIM).


  • Lower cost compared to CNC
  • Faster production and better feature detail compared to investment casting
  • Provides very accurate parts with tight tolerances
Additional Redstone Metal Injection Molding Partners
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We were looking for a manufacturing expert in China and Redstone was able to provide complex components and assemblies quickly and with impeccable quality. We value our relationship with Redstone and view them as an extension of our own company.
CEO of Teacherlock
Redstone Manufacturing produces metal injection molded steel parts for us. These are high-precision components with a tolerance less than half a thousandth of an inch. Redstone is a bankable supplier; they deliver quality parts on time.”
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